Azu Tiwaline (Livity Sound, IOT Records)

Azu Tiwaline is an artist creating new worlds for us all to hear and see each other within. Conjuring a sense of cosmic belonging within life’s maelstrom, her music is an extension of her being transformed into abundant rhythmical energy - beloved for her wonderful ability to channel vast inner realms into the outward joys of dance & movement.

With an extraordinary musical vision firmly rooted in the freeing kinetics of Soundsystem psychedelia, her vibrations bring vivid influence from the El Djerid desert & her Tunisian heritage into communication with the transcendent spatial awareness of dub and the grooving, dynamic exuberance of techno. Uniting these spellbinding elements into an alchemic synthesis, she conducts Saharan frequencies into eclectic, entrancing rhythms with a nimble & profound elegance - contrasting microcosms of light & darkness immersed in mercurial depths, ecstatic percussive intonations, & the breathtaking enchantment of bass weight pressure.

It’s within this expansive palate that Azu is able to weave entire multiverses of sensation together - establishing herself as one of the most exciting entities in a groundbreaking zone of contemporary electronic producers, while invoking a bewitching sonic experience that is uniquely all her own.

Through much-adored releases on Marseille’s IOT Records & Bristol’s Livity Sound, she’s amassed love & respect for her practice the world over, bringing her hybrid live/DJ abilities to esteemed festivals like Dimensions, Freerotation, and Unsound Adelaide, as well as contributing podcasts to venerated mix series Dekmantel, Illian Tape, or Crack Magazine.

At its core, her music celebrates the beauty of nature & the potential to see understanding & connection in all aspects of life - transmuting the mystique & possibilities inherent to our existence, always urging us to find knowledge & insight within ourselves & the world around us.

Bitter Babe (TraTraTrax)

Is a multidisciplinary artist and DJ who hails from Bogotá, Colombia. Her cutting-edge selection blends Latin-inspired percussive rhythms ranging from dembow, raptor house, tribal, guaracha, reggaeton, and Brazilian funk, with bass-heavy, low-end groove club music.

Now based in Miami, Bitter Babe has been a key player and part of the new school of artists shaking up the city and putting it on the international sight, alongside artists like INVT, Coffintext, and friend + collaborator Nick León with whom she has co-produce 2 EP’s, Fuego Clandestino on Tratratrax and Delirio on Club Romantico, as well as participate on Air Texture’s compilation curated by Anthony Naples and Dj python.

Her solo projects can already be found on avant-garde label SVBKVLT where she collaborates on a remix for Rilla and on forthcoming compilations TraTraTrax, “no pare, sigue sigue” and “Homecare! Miami All-Stars” on Omnidisc. Bitter Babe also has a future solo EP release coming on TraTraTrax in the first half of 2023

Co-founder of LATITUDES, a multidisciplinary project focused on the unity and growth of the Latin American electronic music community. LATITUDES was created as a new space for conversation and coordinated actions where the diversity and commonalities of the regional countries are placed on the forefront, formed by a group of producers, promoters, journalists, and more, from places like Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.

Buttechno (PSY X Records, Incienso)

Having achieved certain recognition with his dancefloor-oriented project Buttechno, the Berlin-based artist is currently focused on sonic experiments and artistic collaborations under his birth name.

Opposed to the aggressive imperial politics of his homeland, Pavel uses his work to acknowledge the historical and cultural context, delving into sociopsychological issues that haunt society, and addressing both collective and individual memory and its potential to change our visions of the future.

Working in various musical genres, he created collaborative works with artists such as Bendik Giske, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Yana Pavlova, and Richie Culver.

Pavel presented his live sets at such venues as Berghain, and Tresor and performed at festivals like CTM, Berlin Atonal, Terraforma, and Primavera Sound.

Working with different media, he created the audiovisual pieces “Infra” and “Haunted Mansion” commissioned by the Venice Biennale in 2020 and 2021.

Pavel also runs and curates the “psy x” record label — a platform for sonic and visual works by like-minded artists and for ‘non-format’ records of his own.

DJ Plead (Livity Sound, AD 93)

Who said bass-weight music had to be relentlessly moody? DJ Plead absolutely understands what to dial in when for maximum soundsystem impact, and he does so with a zest that cuts through the murk. In his ebullient productions and dexterous DJ sets he radiates flamboyance and flair with swagger to match, all in pursuit of slaying the dance.

Growing up in Sydney and now based in Melbourne, Jarred Beeler broke through as a producer first and foremost with a debut drop on Air Max ‘97’s DECISIONS label in 2018. From the outset, he put his Lebanese heritage in the foreground both in terms of rhythm and melody. If distinctive Eastern scales and snappy, intricately threaded drum patterns have since become DJ Plead’s calling card, they came through fully formed on that first EP, dancing the divide between traditional musical motifs and precision-engineered electronics.

Plead also co-founded the SUMAC label alongside some of his peers from Australia’s contemporary club scene – LOGIC1000, Cassius Select, and Utility – and worked alongside Cop Envy (aka Big Ever) for a follow-up release on DECISIONS. Meanwhile, the sharp accents of his sound caught on internationally, landing releases on revered labels Nervous Horizon, AD93, and Livity Sound. The drums got defter, the lead hooks more sprightly, and in the tumultuous days of 2020, he was invited to indulge a broader dimension of his sound through the widely acclaimed Relentless Trills LP for Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series. The space beyond the confines of a club release revealed an artist still absolutely clear in his creative intentions, with those aforementioned Lebanese roots shining through more than ever across a range of tempos and timbres.

With such notable releases came an attendant rise in DJ Plead’s presence in the club. His approach to DJing serves as a natural extension of his studio artistry, folding his exclusives into the mix with the work of his peers and sympathetic sonics across the amorphous plains of modern dance music. There are shades of techno, house-like grooves, broken beat angles, and dubwise anchors, but never one dogmatic style other than Plead’s own. It’s a sound that has comfortably juiced up parties from fabled festivals like Dekmantel and Meakusma to iconic clubs such as Fabric, Space Miami, Yu Yu, and De School.

DJ Plead’s piquant sound continues to bloom in new and unexpected ways, consistently making the club a more interesting environment to inhabit by splitting the difference between finesse and fierceness, landing heavy blows while keeping light on his toes.

Ehua (3024, Nervous Horizon, Femme Culture)

Italian-Ivorian producer and DJ Ehua has been making waves since the release of her 2018 debut EP, ‘Diplozoon’ on Femme Culture. She’s since remixed records for Ninja Tune, played at some of Europe’s most iconic festivals and recently started a residency at Rinse FM, where she explores the percussion-influenced realms of experimental techno each month.

Her most recent releases include ‘Clouds’ EP [3024], ‘Aquamarine’ via Nervous Horizon, an EP inspired by both the colour and motion of water, ‘Venom’, single part of Cutcross’s V/A CXT003 ‘With The Pulse’, ‘Helios’ on Fabric Presents Leon Vynehall and ‘Deepstaria’ via Nervous Horizon's latest compilation NH V/A Vol. 4.

Away from club music, Ehua also retains a life-long interest in the arts and has composed various soundtracks for short and feature films, as well as for artistic performances. Ehua is part of GRIOT — a collective and influential online media hub based in Italy focusing on arts from Africa and its diaspora.

Facta (Wisdom Teeth)

Facta is the primary moniker of Oscar Henson - a musician, producer and DJ from London, and co-founder of the celebrated electronic record label, Wisdom Teeth.

His music joins the dots between the upfront, bass-heavy sounds that he grew up within London - dubstep, grime, UK funky, house, and techno - and broader influences drawn from ambient, jazz, dub, pop, experimental electronics and beyond. As such his music typically marries the groove, functionality and the physicality of dance music with more challenging, esoteric ideas drawn from further afield, contrasting bright, colorful and melodic elements with layers of manipulated noise and bleeping electronics.

His records have been released on a host of definitive electronic labels including Livity Sound, Tempa, Idle Hands, Ancient Monarchy, Houndstooth, and Dr Banana (as Reverend Slippy), as well as on his own label, Wisdom Teeth, which he cofounded in 2014 alongside friend and collaborator K-LONE (Josiah Gladwell). The label has grown to become a globally recognized and respected imprint, releasing contemporary club music, experimental, ambient, and downtempo from a roster of leading innovators including Lurka, Parris, Minor Science, Don’t DJ, AYA (fka LOFT), Hodge, and Steevio.

In 2021 he released his debut LP, ‘Blush’ - an innovative and distinctly contemporary album that moved a good few steps beyond his work to date: loosely rooted in UK dance music but taking added influence from ambient, modern classical, dream pop, Balearic, folk music and beyond. The record marked the second long-form release on Wisdom Teeth, following neatly on from K- LONE’s debut LP, ‘Cape Cira’. Both albums received widespread critical acclaim.

Facta has performed extensively across Europe and America; broadcast live from the Boiler Room; played at Freerotation and Glastonbury Festival; made radio appearances on Radio 1, NTS and Rinse FM; and been featured in Pitchfork, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, The Quietus, Crack Magazine, FACT and beyond.

Forest Drive West (Livity Sound, Rupture London)

Since 2016, London-based Forest Drive West has been building a rapidly growing catalog of releases, receiving critical acclaim for records on labels such as Livity Sound, Hidden Hawaii, and Rupture London.

His music has created a stir across the UK underground and beyond, resulting in a Resident Advisor ‘Breaking through..’ feature and an XLR8R mix to coincide with his excellent debut long player ‘Apparitions’ on Livity Sound in late 2018.

As fluent in jungle as the atmospheric techno of his earlier releases, his 'Jungle Crack and 'Set free' ep's show a stunning command of sound design and complex rhythms, and they remain some of Rupture London's most sought-after releases.


INVT is the multidisciplinary art project of Luca Medici and Delbert Perez. The duo specialize in electronic music and fashion design. Their sound consists of a mix of Garage, Dubstep, Techno and various forms of Latin bass music, like Dembow, Cumbia, and Reggaeton. Luca and Delbert have grown their audience through their high energy live sets as seen at Fabric and Panorama Bar, as well as their DJ sets and various independent releases that are all produced, mixed, and mastered by the two.

In addition to their music, Luca and Delbert have launched a sustainable clothing project in which they repurpose vintage clothing through screen-printing, embroidery, cut and sew, and acid washing. Every piece is a one of a kind garment made by hand in Miami by Luca and Delbert. Their designs and stylistic choices, such as the color schemes and graphics, are highly influenced by Miami’s unique environment. Many of the silk screen designs are photoshop collages made from photos they have taken in Miami. Many of these designs are also seen in cover art for their music which is also designed by them.

K-Lone (Wisdom Teeth, Wych)

K-LONE is a British music producer and DJ creating everything from dance music to home-listening records.

Brought up in London on club nights like FWD & System - he went on to set up the record label Wisdom Teeth with fellow producer Facta. They’ve since carved out their own unique corner in the UK electronic music scene working with newcomers and established artists like Jorg Kuning, Parris, Tristan Arp, AYA, Nick León, Salamanda, Simo Cell, Yushh, Will Hofbauer & more.

His debut LP ‘Cape Cira’ became the accidental soundtrack of the long strange summer of 2020 its lush marimbas, hazy atmos and synthesised bird calls providing the ideal soundtrack for some much needed collective escapism. The record was widely deemed one of 2020’s standout electronic LPs, gaining glowing reviews in Pitchfork, DJ Mag, Mixmag and Resident Advisor, and ranking highly in end of year lists by Crack Magazine, and beyond.

His second full length project, ‘Swells’ released in July 2023 is a kaleidoscopic and expansive record that looks to deep house, synthpop, leftfield R&B and beyond for a spellbinding masterwork of melodic electronica and features guest vocals from Brit-nominated singer Eliza Rose.

He does a monthly show on London’s Rinse FM with label partner Facta. His eclectic DJ style blends new & old House, Techno, UKG, UK Funky, Dubstep, Jungle & Footwork as well as new self-produced unreleased originals and club edits.

Kia (Animalia)

Kia’s speedy rise to notoriety is no surprise. Although young, Kia plays with the confidence and experience expected of a DJ with many more years under their belt. With a keen ear for bass-heavy rhythms, IDM, and the deeper shades of techno and trance, Kia glides through genres and emotions in exciting and often unexpected ways.

Her talent for weaving musical narratives has been recognized by local and international labels, having already constructed revered mixes for Nous’klaer, Truants, c- and Patterns of Perception. Whilst the popularity of these mixes clearly proves her ear for telling stories with music, her bubbly presence behind the booth makes her stand out. Kia is an open-eared music digger, searching tirelessly for lost obscurities to pair alongside modern finds and hidden gems by local artists.

She wields together her intimate knowledge of local music and attuned ear, bringing it all to a masterful fruition in her record label, ‘Animalia’, with an ambient sub-label ‘Cirrus’ on the way. Beginning in 2019, Animalia is now home to a highly reputable powerhouse of releases, mixes, and events which pave the way forward for the future of electronic dance music in Australia. Kia encourages experimentation and nuance in every release by bringing underground and DIY sounds to the forefront.

Bookings at Amsterdam Dance Event, De School, Sustain Release, and Monument festival is a part of a growing list of impressive gigs Kia is being booked for. As she relocates to Europe in the early new year, with many exciting shows on the horizon and solo productions in the works, Kia is undoubtedly one to keep tabs on.


Kikelomo is a critically acclaimed British-Nigerian DJ, Presenter, Curator, Boiler Room Host, and co-founder of Accra community station Oroko Radio. Kikelomo has experienced explosive growth, playing across multiple continents alongside industry heavyweights. She has launched t-shirts in collaboration with Adidas and Keep Hush, played and regularly hosts at Boiler Room, as well as continuing to showcase her sound at Festivals like Melt Festival and Dekmantel Selectors (forthcoming), world-renowned clubs such as Amsterdam’s De School, New York’s Nowadays and London’s Phonox, as well as regularly playing in Berlin’s prestigious Berghain/Panorama Bar. She was given the honor of playing to a crowd of 100,000+ people at the Brandenburger Tor national monument, broadcast on national television to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Kikelomo is renowned for her eclectic sound, which stems from many influences in her life, including her home city London and her Nigerian roots. As a result, her high-energy sets are packed full of everything from techno, house, garage, bass, deconstructed club, house, jungle, jersey club, electro, hip hop, and more. Her sound has become renowned for its ability to get crowds moving.

Through dedicated festivals, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring, Kikelomo has a wealth of experience establishing programs equipping marginalized identities with the skills and confidence to progress their careers, working together with support from Musicboard Berlin, Adidas, Zalando, Jagermeister and more. As a co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion working group for the Association for Electronic Music, Kikelomo is actively involved with broader initiatives pushing for diversity and inclusion in the music industry, including the setup, development, and active management of not-for-profit community radio station in Accra, Oroko Radio.

Laksa (Timedance, Hessle Audio)

Running the club night and monthly NTS show ‘re:lax’ with re:ni, Laksa has been consistently pushing bass mutations since his early EPs on Beneath’s Mistry label. A Bristol bass bobbler at heart, his hybrid sound has found a home on many respected labels such as Ilian Tape and Whities, cementing his place amongst the latest UK talent. With three EPs now under his belt for Batu’s Timedance he is a key player in the label’s family, helping push forward its signature sound.

Laksa’s DJ sets and radio shows effortlessly blur styles and genres with a UK rudeness. His work outside of music as a social worker helps him to provide those comfort blanket feels through sound as well, exemplified in his lauded Blowing Up the Workshop podcast. With an EP lined up for another of the UK’s most respected underground labels in late 2020, Laksa continues to reach new heights.

MI-EL (NTS, Big Dyke Energy)

If you have so much as a little finger on the pulse of south London’s unfuckwithable club scene, chances are mi-el needs absolutely no introduction.

Emerging as co-booker and the brains behind the reliably incredible design of south Bermondsey institution Venue MOT, mi-el’s impeccable sonic and aesthetic tastes have been instrumental in setting the tone throughout the pandemic and post-plague celebrations. All these following stints in Leeds, where she had her first radio show on Sable Radio, and Leipzig, where she fell in with the Music Of Color collective, playing on Radio Blau, at the Institut fuer Zukunft, and at various queer and BIPOC squat collectives across the city.

Following a host of exceptional sessions at Panorama Bar, Boiler Room, Keep Hush and HÖR Berlin, mi-el has joined the roster of incredible selectors on NTS Radio with her new monthly show 'Pulling Threads'.

MSJY (Unposed, Femme Bass Mafia)

MSJY mines joy from the unlikely, manoeuvring through bass music’s exhilarating fissions with an infectious energy that carries through her work as a DJ, producer and talented merchant of digital soul under the Xades alias.

A nomadic energy fuels the Berlin-based artist’s craft, finding an honest home in any of her multi-disciplinary practices. Influenced by her mixed background, she absorbs influences with an open-mindedness that inspires fascinating hybridisation of global ideas. Encounter her playing a peak time DJ set day or night, delivering swooning vocal-led electronica pop, leading workshops for FLINTA identifying persons as a core member of the Femme Bass Mafia or raving in the corner of any dark club; it’s clear in her remarkably varied output that there’s a binding commitment to music and uplifting the communities surrounding it.

Characterised by a head rush of inimitable style surfing, MSJY’s sound refracts disparate sub-heavy sounds into absorbing narrational frameworks. Celebrated residencies at Gronigen’s OOST club, Amsterdam’s De School and Berlin’s Griessmuehle helped influence this, with her regularity behind the decks quickly making her a devoted disciple to the sounds of bass, breaks and IDM in all their wonderful permutations. The vivacity of her craft formed the backbone to her trajectory, widening her ambitious vision as a DJ and producer to reach remarkable crossovers without inhibitions. A move to Berlin soon materialised to further harness the desire to make and share music. Her talent in this regard is evident in beloved mixes for Ilian Tape, Dekmantel and Crack Mag while also in noted broadcasts for Keep Hush and HÖR Radio.

MSJY is a core member of Femme Bass Mafia (FBM), a project of passion from a crew of music lovers providing a safer space for women, trans and non-binary people in the learning and practising of DJing. Their goal is to support adelphs in sharing their vision of bass music. The crew has been incredibly successful, making a remarkable impact on Berlin’s nightlife by pushing for greater representation and inclusivity through the running of workshops and hosting of events.

2023 sees MSJY continue to prosper, with noted shows at Dekmantel Festival while releases forthcoming on beloved labels Banoffee Pies and EMA’s Woozy imprint.

NICK LEÓN (naafi, TraTraTrax)

Nick León’s dystopian club music samples the sounds of Florida’s diverse ecosystem, but his style has varied fearlessly along the way. Finding his way into the rap world at a young age, he collaborated with some of the biggest underground rappers in South Florida. He also gravitated early towards the Latin sounds coming out of Puerto Rico and Colombia, and as a self-taught producer and DJ in Miami, he felt compelled to shift his focus to his own work. After pivoting towards textural elements and buried melodies, Nick released a handful of projects, one of them being his Aguacero EP under Mexico’s celebrated NAAFI imprint. It encapsulates the growing anxiety in a city threatened by the very things that help make it beautiful, inviting you to dance through the impending storm of uncertainty ushered in by climate change.

As of recent, Nick released his highly anticipated Xtasis EP on TraTraTrax which featured DJ Babatr and remixes by Doctor Jeep and Pearson Sound. He also started 2022 on a high note, claiming a production credit on one of the most well reviewed albums of the year – MOTOMAMI by Rosalía. With coveted spots on Miami’s III Points festival, various film scores, and further production for a slew of artists, Nick León’s hands are full and his music is teeming with real life.

Perila (Sferic, The Trilogy Tapes)

What do you mean when we say that substance matters?

Perila is a St. Petersburg-born, Berlin-based sound and visual artist, DJ and performer exploring sensitive borderlines and depths of subtle matter. Her sets are thick narratives drifting through rich sound palette immerging a listener into pretty personal trip. Constantly shifting moods and textures of mixes create comfort space for emotions to float, merge, evaporate and ride in a deep context.

Apart from sound practice and research Perila constructs intimate visual, textual, contextual, performative layers to affect a listener on many levels. Practice is aimed to challenge and overcome boundaries and share this expansion with the Other.

Stay in presence. Impermanence and balance.

Pessimist (Ilian Tape, Blackest Ever Black)

Pessimist, real name Kristian Jabs has been releasing music since 2010. Previously one third of the Bristol trio Ruffhouse, his constant development over the years has gained him a respected reputation throughout the electronic music industry. With firm roots in Drum & Bass & Jungle, Pessimist has not only made an impact within the Drum & Bass scene but also the wider electronic music community. With his critically acclaimed debut self titled album released on Blackest Ever Black turning many heads and garnering a clear non-conformist vision, Pessimist has carved out a stand-alone status and has influenced a whole new generation of experimental Drum & Bass producers and DJ’s.

Whilst running his own imprint Pessimist Productions and co-founding UVB-76 music, Pessimist has also released on labels such as Blackest Ever Black, Osiris Music, Ilian Tape & legendary Drum & Bass labels such as Cylon Recordings & Renegade Hardware.

You can expect a hybrid of Drum & Bass / Jungle, Techno, Ambient Interludes and back-to- the-90’s TripHop all within his DJ sets, a true translation of his productions and influences.

AD 93 / Whities is a London label run by Nic Tasker. What started with the intention of providing a platform for off-kilter techno has, in its four years, morphed into something looser and more eclectic while remaining committed to dance music.

The label has been lucky enough to find a space deviating between the compelling, floor-friendly offerings of Avalon Emerson, Lanark Artefax, Minor Science, Giant Swan, Tessela, Kowton, Terron, Koehler and SMX, and distinctive sounds of Jules Venturini, Quirke, Reckonwrong, and Coby Sey. Connecting all of them is a sense of musicality and peculiarity, and a commitment to emotion and rhythm. Whities has formed lasting relationships with many of the artists, working together on events and projects in art, film and fashion. Designer Alex McCullough, the man behind most of Whities artwork and beyond, has been equally as intrinsic to the label’s identity.

Records aside, Whities has been known to throw a good party. Establishing a solid grounding at The Yard in Hackney Wick, the parties have since gone worldwide, with DJs including Vladimir Ivkovic, Call Super, Bambounou, Courtesy, Skee Mask, Rroxymore, Galcher Lustwerk, John Talabot, Beatrice Dillon and Willow joining the regular label artists.

Incienso is a New York based label founded in 2017 by Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery.

disconnect - transmissions from the basement

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