AD 93
Air Max '97 (DECISIONS, Timedance)

Dutch born, New Zealand raised and currently London based, Air Max ‘97 is a singular artist in the electronic music landscape. His affect-focused productions are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive impact. Building on momentum gained in 2019 with acclaimed EPs on DECISIONS and Timedance, 2020 began with the debut of A2A, Air Max ‘97’s collaborative project with Aya, on Local Action records.

A magnetic presence as a DJ, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic trips alive with energy and dynamism. His sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and rupture, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends. Air Max ‘97’s live set is a laboratory of rhythm and sound design, splicing reimagined versions of tracks from his back catalogue with brand new on-the-fly experiments. Combined with a visceral visual reel, the result is a daring, imaginative take on how a dancefloor can function.

Anthony Naples (Incienso)

Anthony Naples is a New York City based musician, producer, and DJ, as well as co-owner of the Incienso and Proibito record labels.

Naples, who grew up listening to Miami Bass in his hometown and later got into experimental electronic music - Debuted in 2012 with the “Mad Disrespect” EP, A Mellow, slightly vaporous track with clever sample usage. During the next couple of years, additional EP’s materialized on labels like Rubadub, City2-St Giga and Will Bankhead’s label The Trilogy Tapes. Body Pill, his first full length album, was released on Four Tet’s Text label, and his second album, Take Me With You was released in late 2018 on french label Good Morning Tapes, marking a significant step for Naples, expanding his range of styles - touching on trip-hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and much more along the way.

There are few boundaries between House, Techno, Italo, Disco, Miami Bass, Chill Out, and other strains of dance music - all of which, in turn, influence Anthony as a DJ, and in his residency at NYC dance institution Nowadays.

Azu Tiwaline (Livity Sound, IOT Records)

Azu Tiwaline is a new name for a new spirit: one of a producer inspired by the need to explore her origins, rooted in the Tunisian Sahara. The Call to a different sound, organic and raw, vibrating in the great spaces of the African desert where trance music resonates... Ecstatic ritual

Buttechno (PSY X Records, Incienso)

Pavel Milyakov is an electronic artist and music producer from Moscow, whose contributions have seen him rise as a formative figure of Russia's electronic music scene.

Summoning the pseudonym Buttechno for his extensive research and hyper-focused framing of rhythm-based music, he has performed at venues such as De School, Bassiani and Berghain.

2019 saw the artist confirm his position on the international scene, gracing esteemed festivals like CTM, Terraforma and Berlin Atonal, where he showcased an outstanding exploration of sound and light.

Recently his focus has shifted toward experiments released under his birth name Pavel Milyakov. Here he finds a more experimental angle, creating abstract and freeform pieces that reflect his desire to create complex conceptual works, where sound sits alongside visual artwork representing the music across varied spaces using the possibilities of both sound and light.

Milyakov's most recent work is the forthcoming double LP "MASSE MÉTAL" on Will Bankhead‘s Trilogy Tapes label, a record which best embodies his current sound and approach to music.

DJ Plead (Livity Sound, AD 93)

DJ Plead is a Melbourne/Naarm producer based in Berlin and making percussive club music. Drawing on his Lebanese background, DJ Plead makes tough, functional, and percussive tracks. His unique style references the rhythms, scales and timbres of Lebanese pop and traditional Lebanese wedding music, blending them with contemporary RnB, Club and other dance styles. DJ Plead released his debut EP ‘Get in Circle’ through air max 97’s DECISIONS label in March 2018 and has since toured Europe and China. DJ Plead is also half of drum-workout duo Poison, a member of high-energy trio BV, and founder of the SUMAC label. His music is consistently played by the likes of Four Tet, Madame X, Anthony Naples, Joy O, Batu and many more.

With his latest 12" for Nervous Horizon, DJ Plead has created stark, skeletal, snare heavy drum tracks to frame his signature palette of Lebanese flutes, Mijwizz, vocal samples and subtle pads. Pleats Plead takes DJ Plead's distinctive sound and pushes it in a UK centric, minimal, dance-floor oriented direction. Under the guidance of label heads TSVI and Tommy Wallwork, DJ Plead has stripped back his sound to create an EP of frenetic yet refined and emotive tracks.

Ehua (Nervous Horizon, Femme Culture)

Ehua is a London-based Italian-Ivorian producer and DJ. Creative at heart, her lifelong interest in electronic music materialised in her debut EP, Diplozoon, in which she combined dark and playful soundscapes inspired by dreams, nature and childhood memories.

The release, which came out in November 2018 via Femme Culture, followed New Moon, a single characterised by “its percussive trail, but taking an atmospheric turn with its reverberating, short vocal chop and lush, wavey synths” (DJ Mag), and Tiger, a drum-focused track which is part of the first Femme Culture x UNWomen’s HeForShe Compilation. In October 2019 Ehua released Ruby on New York label Orphan. Records as part of their Or.VA1 and in November 2015 she made her first appearance on the Nervous Horizon roster with Meteora on NH V/A VOL.3.

Music is just one of the creative forms through which Ehua channels her creative flair. Being really close to the arts world, she also composes soundtracks for films and artistic performances and she co-runs an online media platform and creative collective focusing on arts from Africa and the global african diaspora called GRIOT.

Facta (Wisdom Teeth)

Facta is the primary moniker of Oscar Henson - a musician, producer and DJ from London, and co-founder of the celebrated electronic record label, Wisdom Teeth.

His music joins the dots between the upfront, bass-heavy sounds that he grew up with in London - dubstep, grime, UK funky, house and techno - and broader infuences drawn from ambient, jazz, dub, pop, experimental electronics and beyond. As such his music typically marries the groove, functionality and physicality of dance music with more challenging, esoteric ideas drawn from further afeld, contrasting bright, colourful and melodic elements with layers of manipulated noise and bleeping electronics.

His records have been released on a host of defnitive electronic labels including Livity Sound, Tempa, Idle Hands, Ancient Monarchy, Houndstooth and Dr Banana (as Reverend Slippy), as well as on his own label, Wisdom Teeth, which he cofounded in 2014 alongside friend and collaborator K-LONE (Josiah Gladwell). The label has grown to become a globally recognised and respected imprint, releasing contemporary club music, experimental, ambient and downtempo from a roster of leading innovators including Lurka, Parris, Minor Science, Don’t DJ, AYA (fka LOFT), Hodge and Steevio.

In 2021 he released his debut LP, ‘Blush’ - an innovative and distinctly contemporary album that moved a good few steps beyond his work to date: loosely rooted in UK dance music but taking added infuence from ambient, modern classical, dreampop, Balearic, folk music and beyond. The record marked the second long-form release on Wisdom Teeth, following neatly on from K- LONE’s debut LP, ‘Cape Cira’. Both albums received widespread critical acclaim.

Facta has performed extensively across Europe and America; broadcast live from the Boiler Room; played at Freerotation and Glastonbury Festival; made radio appearances on Radio 1, NTS and Rinse FM; and been featured in Pitchfork, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, The Quietus, Crack Magazine, FACT and beyond.

Forest Drive West (Livity Sound, Rupture London)

Since 2016, London based Forest Drive West has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases, receiving critical acclaim for records on labels such as Livity Sound, Hidden Hawaii and Rupture London.

His music has created a stir across the UK underground and beyond, resulting in a Resident Advisor ‘Breaking through..’ feature and an XLR8R mix to coincide with his superlative debut long player ‘Apparitions’ on Livity Sound in late 2018.

As fluent in jungle as the atmospheric techno of his earlier releases, his 'Jungle Crack and 'Set free' ep's show a stunning command of sound design and complex rhythms. They remain some of Rupture London's most sought after releases.

K-Lone (Wisdom Teeth, Wych)

K-LONE co-founded Wisdom Teeth in 2014 with Facta, putting out records from seminal producers such as Simo Cell, Hodge, Lurka, LOFT & Don't DJ. Since then K-LONE has released an eclectic breadth of his own music spanning from UKG on Dr Banana, sultry Dub Techno-inspired tracks on Bristol's Idle Hands and Parris' Soundman Chronicles to his latest percussion-lead Sine Language EP on Wisdom Teeth. His DJ sets flit between the sounds of the UK and has seen him play in NYC, Europe, Japan and Australia. He currently has a 4 track EP of UKG coming out soon on Dr Banana and has an album forthcoming in 2020.


Kikelomo is a London born, Berlin based DJ, presenter, producer, curator and Boiler Room Host. She hosts her own radio show 'Pass The Aux' on Cashmere Radio, showcasing the very best in UK influenced and underground club music. She is a former member of the collective No Shade, a club night series and DJ training program for femme, trans and non-binary DJs, and is actively involved with broader industry initiatives pushing for diversity and inclusion in the music industry as a co-chair of the Association for Electronic Music’s workstream on Diversity and Inclusion.

Her eclectic sound stems from many influences in her life, including her home city London and her Nigerian roots. As a result, her low end heavy high energy sets are packed full of everything from techno, house, garage, bass, deconstructed club, jungle, jersey club , electro, hip hop and more. This sound has become renowned for its ability to get crowds moving.

Since starting out in September 2017, Kikelomo has experienced an explosive growth, playing across multiple continents alongside industry heavyweights, from Objekt to DJ Stingray to Skepta. She has launched t-shirts in collaboration with Adidas and Keep Hush, played and regularly hosts at Boiler Room, as well as continuing to showcase her sound at events like Splash! Festival, the infamous Fusion Festival, opening the internationally renowned CTM Festival at Berlin’s prestigious Berghain/Panorama Bar, in addition to being given the honour of playing to a crowd of 100,000+ people at the Brandenburger Tor national monument, broadcast on national television to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Laksa (Timedance, Hessle Audio)

Running the club night and monthly NTS show ‘re:lax’ with re:ni, Laksa has been consistently pushing bass mutations since his early EPs on Beneath’s Mistry label. A Bristol bass bobbler at heart, his hybrid sound has found a home on many respected labels such as Ilian Tape and Whities, cementing his place amongst the latest UK talent. With three EPs now under his belt for Batu’s Timedance he is a key player in the label’s family, helping push forward its signature sound.

Laksa’s DJ sets and radio shows effortlessly blur styles and genres with a UK rudeness. His work outside of music as a social worker helps him to provide those comfort blanket feels through sound as well, exemplified in his lauded Blowing Up the Workshop podcast. With an EP lined up for another of the UK’s most respected underground labels in late 2020, Laksa continues to reach new heights.

MSJY (Unposed, De School)

Shapeshifting DJ MSJY continually changes form. After dark, a two-piece yellow tracksuit unleashes a frenzy of electric beats. When the sun is up, her gentler touch is at play: fusing unthinkable combinations of genre into alluring, deliberate provocations. Born from OOST club of north NL, she shapeshifts through a range of roles. By night, she’s routinely vibrating the dancefloor of Amsterdam’s De School: delivering bass-heavy, midnight selections that are unafraid to provoke. By day, her conceptual side is unearthed: brought to life in strongly thematic, cross-genre explorations. Unposed is her latest manifestation: a release series exploring the emotive nature of a club night's final hours. Though the shapeshifting persona can be hard to pin down, her DJ sets are rarely off the mark: willing to unwind the norms and push the narrative. A character who both owns and shifts the script.

Perila (Sferic, The Trilogy Tapes)

What do you mean when we say that substance matters?

Perila is a St. Petersburg-born, Berlin-based sound and visual artist, DJ and performer exploring sensitive borderlines and depths of subtle matter. Her sets are thick narratives drifting through rich sound palette immerging a listener into pretty personal trip. Constantly shifting moods and textures of mixes create comfort space for emotions to float, merge, evaporate and ride in a deep context.

Apart from sound practice and research Perila constructs intimate visual, textual, contextual, performative layers to affect a listener on many levels. Practice is aimed to challenge and overcome boundaries and share this expansion with the Other.

Stay in presence. Impermanence and balance.

Pessimist (Ilian Tape, Blackest Ever Black)

Pessimist, real name Kristian Jabs has been releasing music since 2010. Previously one third of the Bristol trio Ruffhouse, his constant development over the years has gained him a respected reputation throughout the electronic music industry. With firm roots in Drum & Bass & Jungle, Pessimist has not only made an impact within the Drum & Bass scene but also the wider electronic music community. With his critically acclaimed debut self titled album released on Blackest Ever Black turning many heads and garnering a clear non-conformist vision, Pessimist has carved out a stand-alone status and has influenced a whole new generation of experimental Drum & Bass producers and DJ’s.

Whilst running his own imprint Pessimist Productions and co-founding UVB-76 music, Pessimist has also released on labels such as Blackest Ever Black, Osiris Music, Ilian Tape & legendary Drum & Bass labels such as Cylon Recordings & Renegade Hardware.

You can expect a hybrid of Drum & Bass / Jungle, Techno, Ambient Interludes and back-to- the-90’s TripHop all within his DJ sets, a true translation of his productions and influences.

Relaxer (Avenue 66, Climate of Fear, Sustain-Release)

RELAXER emerged from NYC in 2016 as the new project from Daniel Martin-McCormick. Over five EPs, he has explored lush techno with a feral punk spirit informed by two decades of innovative sidewinding in the US underground. Lithe, contagious bassline-driven grooves are a platform for a psychologically charged atmosphere -- humid with creeping paranoia, evocative melancholic melodies and themes of toxic masculinity. Relaxer’s hardware live set premiered at Berghain in 2017 and since then has been performed De School, Sustain-Release, Institut fuer Zukunft and more. He lives in New York where he runs the label Lovers Rock Recordings, collaborates with Aurora Halal as Halal & Relaxer, and co-directs the Sustain-Release festival.

Tasker (AD 93 / Whities)

London born and bred, Whities founder Nic Tasker has been djing for over a decade. He is one of NTS’ longest-standing residents, hosting his weekly show on the station since its first year of broadcast. He started Whities four years ago – a label which, in its short existence, has built a solid global following of its idiosyncratic musical output, parties and artwork.

Nic fell for dance music early on and got his schooling at Phonica, where he worked for many of his younger years. He went on to become a booker and host at Boiler Room, before joining Young Turks (where Whities originated as a sub-label). Taking Whities independent in 2017, Nic has continued to grow the label with both cohesion and variation, this year starting a dance-floor dedicated sub-label, Whities Blue, and a mixtape cassette series under the heading 88T. All focus predominantly on supporting the work of lesser-known contemporary artists.

This approach to music, combined with his experience across all corners the industry, gives his sets a diverse, neoteric sound grounded in the traditions of techno and dance culture. His djing has taken him worldwide, to Berghain, Robert Johnson, De School, Fabric, Sub Club, much of Europe and further afield in Tbisili, Tokyo and throughout the United States.

AD 93 / Whities is a London label run by Nic Tasker. What started with the intention of providing a platform for off-kilter techno has, in its four years, morphed into something looser and more eclectic while remaining committed to dance music.

The label has been lucky enough to find a space deviating between the compelling, floor-friendly offerings of Avalon Emerson, Lanark Artefax, Minor Science, Giant Swan, Tessela, Kowton, Terron, Koehler and SMX, and distinctive sounds of Jules Venturini, Quirke, Reckonwrong, and Coby Sey. Connecting all of them is a sense of musicality and peculiarity, and a commitment to emotion and rhythm. Whities has formed lasting relationships with many of the artists, working together on events and projects in art, film and fashion. Designer Alex McCullough, the man behind most of Whities artwork and beyond, has been equally as intrinsic to the label’s identity.

Records aside, Whities has been known to throw a good party. Establishing a solid grounding at The Yard in Hackney Wick, the parties have since gone worldwide, with DJs including Vladimir Ivkovic, Call Super, Bambounou, Courtesy, Skee Mask, Rroxymore, Galcher Lustwerk, John Talabot, Beatrice Dillon and Willow joining the regular label artists.

Incienso is a New York based label founded in 2017 by Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery.

disconnect - transmissions from the basement

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