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Benjamin Brunn
Chris Farrell
Don‘t DJ
Drvg Cvltvre
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Andrea (Ilian Tape)

Born and raised in Turin, passionated by music and art, since his childhood Andrea started to buy vinyl records approaching music across all different genres (from new wave and post-punk to reggae and dub music). His work is the result of years of musical identity research, of different experiments and continuous attention to techno evolution in the last decades.

In his productions Andrea tries to mix sundry elements related to 90s Breakbeat and IDM with excursion to warehouse techno and house. Turin city has a key role in his sound; its dark and post-industrial soul clearly emerges in every track. Emotive melodies and abstract sounds, heavy kicks and low-end drum, atmo-pads and chord progressions are the significant elements of his music.

Behind the decks and also in his live set, he creates an intense atmosphere with a mixture of effective dancefloor bangers and stepping rhythms.

Benjamin Brunn (Chrome Plate Diamonds, Workshop, Wake Up!)

With Benjamin Brunn we are having another extraordinary Workshop Records artist within the family. Since mid 1990's Benjamin Brunn produces that kind of music, which absolutely found a home within Lowtec's USM Label, with Ware Records and later with Workshop Records.

On those labels his first vinyl records appeared in 2000. In the same year he moved to England where he collaborated with Dave Wheels, formerly of Higher Intelligence Agency. Benjamin was one of the stalwart artists on Binemusic and in 2008 his collaborations with Move D found a home at Smallville. The majority of Benjamin's music is based on the sound of the Nord Modular, a virtual- modular synthesizer that has accompanied him since 1999. He plays the Nord Modular live together with a drummachine without laptop.

Benjamin lives in Hamburg, Germany and he loves to play live!

Bookworms (L.I.E.S., Confused House, BANK Records, NYC)

American Nik Dawson aka Bookworms has made a name of himself with his loose, trippy yet very direct hitting sound, releasing on L.I.E.S., Confused House (with Steve Summers) and recently Nord. His 2016 album “Xenophobe” on Bank Records showcases him beautifully; going from a deep, warm, funky sound into no-nonsense techno territory, ending up in haunting ambient. Dawson’s material is often based on experimental hardware live sets where he is using analog gear, keeping it fresh, unexpected and intriguing.

Chris Farrell (Idle Hands)

Most people probably associate Chris Farrell with Idle Hands, the label he started in 2009 while working at Bristol record store Rooted with buddies Peverelist and Kowton. It probably didn’t come as much of a surprise when Chris also opened Idle Hands the record shop in 2011 after Rooted closed. Farrell has been an integral part of the Bristol scene for many years, together with his friends he has helped shape the sound of the city - such as through the label Brstl that he runs with Shanti Celeste since 2011.

As far as DJ’ing goes, to say Chris is diverse behind the decks is an understatement; only a strong confident DJ dares to move between house, disco and soul finding a bridge to fragrant dance tracks of the 80’s, going further into UK punk rock heading into techno. Ingredients like one and a half decade of vinyl handling and coming from a musical home clearly shines through. Adding further to his credibility, Chris is also a well-experienced selector in the reggae and dub field.

Chris Farrell is available for DJ sets and label showcases with Idle Hands.

Don‘t DJ (Berceuse Heroique, Sexes)

DON'T DJ is interested in what he calls "Musique Acéphale" - a Metric which has no distinct starting point and thus encourages the listener to constantly switch his metric focus to discover different "points of listen" within the same arrangement. When performing live Don't DJ is constantly rearranging the components of the rhythms, thus never really reproducing the initial tracks but constantly experimenting. Don't DJ seeks to inspire consciousness to wander beyond culturally suggested boundaries of the perception of reality.

He co-runs the labels DISK and SEXES.

On offer are live-sets (with or without visuals), dj-sets, lectures and workshops, pls ask for more detailed information.

Drvg Cvltvlre (New York Haunted, Pinkman)

Since 2009, Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre has been working on his own blend of dystopian acid, no wave and experimental house. Koreman is a highly productive producer, offering many of his new tracks for free download on his soundcloud page before they get released by labels. Respected in the international underground for his groundbreaking work in experimental techno as RA-X in the 90's on labels like Bunker and KK Records, Koreman comes from a DIY punk background, opting for hard work rather than hollow pose.

Drvg Cvltvre is closely affilated with the The Hague Westcoast electro scene (Bunker Records, IF, Rude 66, Viewlexx) and runs is own New York Haunted label which specialises in experimental techno from young producers around the world. DC’s style is very much influenced by no wave, old school acid and proto techno. He released on labels like Pinkman, Viewlexx, Permanent Vacation and Nervous.

Drvg Cvltvre's tracks take the speed down a notch to emphasis on the heavyness of sound and using the space left between the pounding kicks to build melancholic melodies that seem to grow out of or evaporate into thin air. A blend of dark techno, acid and deep house with lots of experiment, influenced in equal parts by Suicide, Sun Ra and Terrence Dixon.

Ekman (The Trilogy Tapes, Shipwrec, Crème Organization)

After numerous years of experiments with chloroform induced comas on unwilling patients, Ekman started to work trough audio waves to substitute the subjects reality. With tranquilizing bass-lines and sedative melodies he has successfully counterfeited reality for 3 of the 5 test subjects. This findings have since inspired an output of records designed to minimize the the negative side effects of the comatose state of the world. Counterfeiting reality since 1981.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Ekman has released on labels like Panzerkreuz, Trilogy Tapes, Berceuse Heroique and Shipwrec.

Even Tuell (Workshop)

EVEN TUELL co-runs the seminal WORKSHOP label. For him, music is life and a powerful source for creativity. A lot of widely acclaimed tracks have been released under his alias, and his sounds easily manage to be experimental, challenging and danceable at the same time. Living close to one of the most important clubs in Germany - Robert Johnson - he held a dj residency there from early on and developed his deep and powerful trademark style. He always likes to shed some light on the b-side sounds, and he is always aiming for innovation.

You have probably seen many people wearing or carrying items he designed for his famed AIRBAG CRAFTWORKS fashion label, too.

Finn Johannsen (Hard Wax, Macro)

Born in Kiel, Germany, in the late 60's, Finn Johannsen started collecting records since he was a kid, with a focus on anything danceable from Disco, Soul, Post Punk, to Synth Pop and all points in between, and entered the nightlife as soon as he could. He spent his formative years dancing in some legendary clubs in Hamburg and started out as a DJ in the 80's on the Rare Soul circuit, then later fell in love with House and Techno and the styles that followed suit. Over the years he played a vast array of national and international gigs, and his widely acclaimed mixes and radio shows are all over the web.

Finn is also a well respected and prolific writer for numerous print and web media publications (and there are rumors that he is affiliated with the mysterious D*ruffalo collective). He lives in Berlin, where he operates the Macro Recordings imprint with Stefan Goldmann, and works for the legendary Hard Wax store.

Kassem Mosse (Workshop, Ominira)

KASSEM MOSSE produces electronic music and thinks too much. He lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

More info on request.

Lowtec (Workshop, The Trilogy Tapes)

Lowtec got involved in electronic music as he started DJ’ing illegal raves in the early 90’s on the countryside of his hometown in Germany. A few years followed and he started producing his own material as well as getting into the label business. His first label Out To Lunch was started in 1996, to date its catalogue contains close to 30 releases from artists like Lynx, Even Tuell, Kassem Mosse and himself. Even Tuell is also Lowtec’s label partner at his second imprint Workshop, founded 2006. This is where the close network seems to be most apparent. Aside from Lowtec and Even Tuell’s own recordings, the label also frequently houses artists like Kassem Mosse, Willow, Move D and his projects Reagenz and Magic Mountain High, and newer, or perhaps lesser known artists like Schweiz Rec., Ozel AB, 808 Mate and Marcellis to name a few.

As unique as his work as a label curator is, so is also his own sound as a producer. Lowtec’s kind of house has a somewhat “dented” feeling when it comes to the sounds appearing; low-slung basslines often creates deep grooves with glitched funk elements. Experimental ideas and rhythms are explored here, and always somehow in the most natural sounding way possible, the flow is there. To date his discography spans two full-length albums, over two dozens of singles/EP’s and almost the same amount of remixes - some of these released through his own labels, others on recurring labels like Nonplus, Laid and Playhouse.

With residencies and label nights for Workshop at Corsica Studios in London, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt and Soup Kitchen in Manchester, Lowtec continues keeping himself and the collective around him busy. For the beginning of 2018 there is a mixtape set for release on label Avenue 66 where he previously released a 12”. Also a release on Workshop is scheduled, where the plan is to explore more of the collaborative project started in 2016 with Kassem Mosse.


The sonic result of various roadtrips by musical auteurs Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse. Together they go on journey to engage in experiments with wider perspectives, as they slide across scales, inching towards mileage. In their work as MM/KM they look at each others' ideas and strategies, taking their music beyond their solo work. Their first release is a LP on Will Bankhead's label TTT (The Trilogy Tapes) with 7 tracks of great variety. Both have collaborated extensively in the past on radioshows and podcasts, as well as their chill-out project "chilling the do" – by now they have come to know each others do's and dont's rather well and every once in a while one of them finds a way to push the other to some adventure on the edge - while they're trying not to loose their minds and keep their gear from falling apart. Usually they prefer meet in each others anechoic chambers, but if you're lucky - they might come out at night and throw it down in some nightclub near you.

Madteo (Wania, M.A.D.T.E.O. Records, Sähkö Recordings)

Madteo, known to his family and friends as Matteo Ruzzon, is at once a single-minded producer and a voracious DJ. Now residing back in his Italian motherland, it was his move to New York in the mid-90s that shaped Ruzzon’s musical world. The grim beauty of NYC seeps deeply into his being and by extension, the music he makes. Slowing the city’s relentless pace down to a crawl and amplifying the results, strange apparitions of melody and voice (often his own) swim to the surface. His dense, blunted production style draws as much from his love of dub and reggae as it does from the subtle maximalism of Italo and the cut-ups of The Bomb Squad, while his career-spanning work with rapper Sensational further expands upon NYC’s unique hip-hop heritage.

Besides providing the first 12” on Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead’s Hinge Finger label, his broad discography includes EPs for the likes of Workshop, Latency, and Meakusma alongside standout albums on the Sex Tags affiliated Wania, Sahko Recordings and The Trilogy Tapes (a cassette-only release later given a full vinyl reissue on FIT Siegel’s Est. 83’ Records label).

His self-styled $treet Wax DJ style is as wide-ranging as his label affiliations, and draws heavily from the bargain bins of the worlds’ record shops and thrift stores. His musical palette is bought clearly into focus behind the decks, as overlooked vocal heaters trade off against scuzzy box jams and raw acid workouts, all with the singular intention of rocking the room. As with everything Ruzzon does, it comes with an honesty that’s impossible to ignore.

Qnete (777 Recordings, Lobster Theremin)

This musical newcomer and art school student from Bremen is making a name for himself fast on today’s musical map. Qnete, or Marvin Uhde, is the kind of producer who can do almost anything in the studio; creating his music through jamming sessions and building on timeless themes such as “lovesickness and boredom”, his fairly young discography stretches from experimental yet hitty house productions into distorted techno and Bunker sounding electro. Wake Up!, Lobster Theremin, 777 and ZCKR are all labels Qnete has released on so far - and of course his own imprint Drowned Records that he co-runs since 2014.

Relaxer (Relaxer, Lovers Rock Recordings, Sustain-Release)

RELAXER emerged from NYC in 2016 as the new project from Daniel Martin-McCormick. Over five EPs, he has explored lush techno with a feral punk spirit informed by two decades of innovative sidewinding in the US underground. Lithe, contagious bassline-driven grooves are a platform for a psychologically charged atmosphere -- humid with creeping paranoia, evocative melancholic melodies and themes of toxic masculinity. Relaxer’s hardware live set premiered at Berghain in 2017 and since then has been performed De School, Sustain-Release, Institut fuer Zukunft and more. He lives in New York where he runs the label Lovers Rock Recordings, collaborates with Aurora Halal as Halal & Relaxer, and co-directs the Sustain-Release festival.

Stenny (Ilian Tape)

Rising in Turin and currently based in Munich, Stenny debuts with his first 12″ on Ilian Tape in 2013. Inspired by 90’s Techno and IDM, his music contribution could be described as club focused but not merely functional. The dusty and stepping drum programming, often contrasting with the dense, atmospheric surrounding, is one of the peculiarities of his style, which seems to evolve with no genre boundaries. As a Dj he maintains a similar versatile approach, combining a broad range of different styles and influences.

Young Male (White Material)

Since emerging from New York in 2012 Quinn Taylor has used the alias Young Male to explore a uniquely brutalist and stripped down approach to techno. Releases on his own White Material Records and Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records frame pounding rhythmic club tracks in stark, airless vistas. His productions display a directness reminiscent of Detroit’s halcyon days while utilizing a sleek, hi-fi aesthetic typically associated with contemporary European big room techno. In recent years Taylor’s DJ sets and mixes have impressed audiences with a high octane sound that’s honed for dancefloor impact. He appears regularly at Berghain, Output and Unter.


тпсб (tpsb) is an abbreviation of "темное прошлое светлое будущее", which translates to “dark past bright future”. тпсб’s debut album Sekundenschlaf (BLACKEST067) has been released on London label Blackest Ever Black in early 2018. Live shows can be sweaty or sweet.

Workshop has been going strong for over a decade now, set up in 2006 by dear friends and colleagues Jens Kuhn aka Lowtec and Paul David Rollmann aka Even Tuell. Together the pair had previously worked together on releases for Lowtec’s other label Out To Lunch, as well as simply sharing a passion for the music they grew up with on the scene. And of course the music they felt they wanted to create a base for. The label heads have stated in the past their aim is to release music “We will not need to be ashamed of in 10 years”, summing up the 12 years that have now just passed – it seems like they are doing fine.

Rarely has a record label been so connected with its look and feel, representing to the actual music on the disc to its fans. A diverse collection of music is to be heard, whether it is warm non-commercial-commercial disco funk to open up with, or a moody dark offbeat moment for an open-minded early morning dancer. The common denominator seems to be that the funk is there in almost every record - even in the releases often labeled as “leftfield house”. Of course this does not mean things do not change from release to release or might sound widely different in the future, or already do. The majority of the tracks appear unnamed and are translated and presented visually in understated thick recycled paper covers; the label logo embossed on each cover; the center label of the actual vinyl often in a natural earthy shade with a graphic stamp featuring perhaps an aquatic creature, a sphinx or a moustache clad man, accompanied by the name of the producer, the number of the record, and of course its distributor, Hardwax.

Workshop is being pressed at vinyl plant R.A.N.D. MUZIK in Leipzig, a company Lowtec also has been involved in since the start. They, like most of the people associated with the label, have a personal relationship with the owners. If they were not close from the beginning, they have become family over the years. Workshop means home for Kassem Mosse, Move D – including his projects Magic Mountain High and Reagenz, Willow, Ozel AB, Madteo, Midnightopera, as well as Even Tuell and Lowtec themselves. Label nights showcasing its talents are also being regularly arranged with selected steady partners around the globe: Corsica Studios in London, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt and Soup Kitchen in Manchester.

When being asked what the manifesto or plan for the label is, the answer has in the past been “All is just music” - everything is possible”. Taking this into account and that their release pace is so far maximum three records per year, one understands Workshop was not created to be a vehicle or a commercial success for any of the involved. Maybe that explains a lot about the continuously high quality of their output.

Chris Farrell’s Bristol label Idle Hands, started in 2009, is described by its founder as a “wide range dance music label”, something that becomes very apparent as you go through the imprint’s vibrant discography. Looking deeper into the label’s history you will find it is built through a close community, personal relationships and recognition.

A strong core family consisting of Shanti Celeste, Rhythmic Theory, Parris, Andy Mac, Kowton, Peverelist, The Kelly Twins and about 20 more respected artists are all vital in shaping the Idle Hands sound, serving up wobbly dubby bass sounds, soulful vocals, deep techno, gritty basslines – all firmly rooted and molded with that specific UK twist. Idle Hands is Chris Farrell’s personal view of what the sound of Bristol is and the effect it has had on underground dance music. Weather you are a long time fan or a newcomer to the label, it couldn’t be more of a thrilling catalogue to discover.

disconnect - transmissions from the basement

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